Currently we offer 3 sizes for our standard dresses. Each dress has full measurements listed. As every style is unique there may be varaints in these sizes so please double check the garment measures! 

Please note with MTOs and custom orders, personalized sizing is an option often for no extra charge. 


Size A: Standard cup, B cup, some C cups. This is a gently curved bodice and best for people who do not have issues finding bras that fit them well. This mirrors most lolita bust sizing. If you do not have an issue having your bust squished by lolita dresses than this size is right for you. 

Bust- full shirring: 33"-43" 
Waist- 30” to 40”


Size A FULL CUP: This is best for people who find they often have their bust squished in most lolita dresses. If your full bust minus your under bust measure is equal or more than 4" inches this could be right for you. This size has been tested on C-G cups and this fit is flattering on all those sizes. 

BUST: 35 inches minimum to 45 inches maximum
WAIST: 29 inches minimum to 39 inches maximum


Size B: 

BUST: 44 inches minimum to 59 inches maximum
WAIST: 42 inches minimum to 57 inches maximum